Enhance the appearance of a business and create a positive impression

Painting services provided to businesses, institutions,
and other non-residential properties


Commercial buildings need periodic repainting and maintenance to keep the property looking fresh and well-maintained.


Industrial painting involves the application of specialized coatings and paints to various surfaces within industrial facilities.

On Time and On Budget

Integrity Painting works closely with all of our clients to meet all types of project time frames and budgets.


Painting Projects

Integrity Painting offers commercial painting for the interior or exterior surfaces of commercial buildings, such as offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants.

Retail Space

Show Your Brand

Integrity Painting’s goal of painting a retail space is to create an environment that enhances the shopping experience and aligns with the brand’s identity.



Painting Projects

Industrial painting can be applied to a wide range of equipment and structures, including storage tanks, machinery, warehouses, factories, and more.


Project Planning

Industrial painting projects often require careful planning, coordination, and scheduling to minimize downtime and disruptions to operations.

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Commercial and Industrial

Inspire Employees and Clients

Work spaces inspire employees and clients alike. Surfaces that sport colors in a finish that lift spirits will complement work space experience admirably. It would be most unbecoming of an office that portrays itself in a manner that leaves a lot to be desired.

At Integrity Painting, our specialists help to morph dull spaces to jaw dropping splendor. It is not without reason that we are ranked high among the top Office Painters Chilliwack has to offer. Deluged with ideas?

Unsure of how to execute a brilliant concept? You certainly need specialists, the best Integrity Painting offers, and not just a painter with a pail and a roller. Integrity Painting executes projects with a finish that will shake your cultured office etiquette, or that of visitors, prompting sneak peeks and an urge to touch the walls. After the experts at Integrity Painting Chilliwack have completed the job, do not be surprised if visitors prefer staying close to the walls, it is a side effect of ‘surface love’, not uncommon among the discerning.

Choosing colors is an art, you really cannot change it with a snap of fingers. The color of the workstations, the height and type of ceilings, the amount of natural light, the color and intensity of artificial light are all important factors that need to be considered. If your search for Integrity Painting has not provided you with desired results, here is your chance to land the best deals.

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